PDSC Developer Utilities

I am pleased to offer my PDSC Developer Utilities for free to anyone that wants a quick way to develop applications for .NET Core.

PDSC Developer Utilities

PDS Consulting has created a set of tools to help you develop applications for .NET Core quickly and easily. The following tools are included within this utility. Check out the documentation and download this set of utilities at my github. Click here to view the documentation for this utility.

Tool Description
Computer Cleaner Visual Studio and .NET are great development environments for creating applications quickly. However, they tend to leave a lot of miscellaneous folders and files all over your hard drive. This utility recycles these folder and files to free up hard drive space.
Project Cleaner This tool goes through Visual Studio or VS Code project folders and recycles several folders that are not needed and can be regenerated automatically next time you build your application. You can optionally have it look in .SLN, VBProj, CSProj files and eliminate any references to source control. It can also remove any read-only attributes from the files. This utility is configurable so you can choose what folders and files you wish to recycle.
Property Generator This utility generates C# or Visual Basic property statements. There are several templates (like the snippets in the Visual Studio editor) from which you can choose. You can also create your own templates to generate any type of property you want.
JSON Generator This utility allows you to choose a table or view and generates a JSON file of the data.
XML Generator This utility allows you to choose a table or view and generates an XML file of the data. Optionally, an XSD file of the schema of the table or view can also be generated.
Code Generator This utility generates Entity, Repository, View Model and Search classes from a table. It can also generate CRUD WPF, MVC, .NET MAUI, Web API (MVC), and Minimal Web API applications.
SQL Server Schema Compare This utility compares two SQL Server databases to determine any tables, constraints, stored procedures, views, etc. that are missing between the two databases.

Old PDSA Tools

These tools are free for anyone to use. The tools are no longer supported by PDSA or PDS Consulting.