Paul D. Sheriff Consulting

Welcome to my website. I have been in the IT industry over 33 years. In that time I have successfully assisted hundreds of companies architect software applications to solve their toughest business problems. I have been a teacher and mentor through my numerous video courses, blogs, articles and speaking engagements at user groups and conferences around the world.

I would welcome the chance to assist you in your projects, or helping you with your software challenges. Contact me at or at (714) 745-1224.


My "From Zero to ..." courses are very popular. Why not bring me to your site to train your developers?


I offer one-on-one mentoring so your team can learn and grow quickly. Visit my mentoring page for more information.


I am available for software, business and expert witness consulting. Learn more by clicking the button below.


I have 24 courses in the Pluralsight library covering .NET, JavaScript, Angular and more.


Over the years I have written a multitude of blog posts. Check out all of my posts by clicking below.


I have published over 400 articles in my career. I have a list of some of those on my Articles page.


I have been fortunate to have been asked by many luminaries in the industry to appear on their podcasts and other shows.


All downloads are located on my github page. Search for specific downloads by clicking the button below.