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Since 2022, I have been producing courses for Udemy.com.

The complete list of my courses is below. I hope you find and enjoy a topic you are interested in.

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Have you ever wanted to break out of corporate life and be your own boss? Many people have this dream, and it might be time for you to take the leap. This course introduces you to the advantages and disadvantages of owning your own business. You are given checklists of what you should and should not do when owning a business. This course focuses on real-world tips and tricks learned from a 30+ year business owner.

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In this course you are provided with an overview of Web APIs in general. You then build an MVC Web API project and learn to consume Web APIs using Postman and Swagger. You learn how to configure the project to return different types of data such as JSON and XML. The basics of routing and how to add logging and exception handling is illustrated. You then build a set of CRUD APIs to allow a developer to interact with your database. You are going to see how to call your APIs via JavaScript/jQuery and how CORS is added to allow cross-domain access. Finally, the basics of securing your Web APIs is covered. You are going to see approximately 88 demos, be asked over 65 questions, and perform over 75 hands-on labs.

#csharp #mvc #web #webapi #development #programming #dotnet6 #dotnet7 #udemy #pauldsheriff

The Minimal Web API was introduced in .NET 6 and is a simpler method of creating Web API routes compared to MVC. If you want to learn to use minimal APIs, this is the course for you. This course is over 4 hours long and contains over 90 demos, over 65 assessment questions, and over 75 hands-on labs!

#csharp #minimalwebapi #web #webapi #development #programming #dotnet6 #dotnet7 #udemy #pauldsheriff

When programming C#, or any .NET language, object-oriented programming (OOP) is a required skill. This course provides you with the skills you need to master OOP in C#. In this course you learn by watching and by doing. Over 40 demos, 30 quiz questions and 30 hands-on labs guide you to becoming proficient with object-oriented programming.

#csharp #oop #development #programming #dotnet6 #dotnet7 #udemy #pauldsheriff

C# is an in-demand skill set that employers are looking for today. C# is used to develop everything from web applications to cloud applications, mobile applications, games, internet of things, and desktop applications. Before you can start to program these types of applications, you need to first learn the basics of the C# language. Watching this online course provides you with the basic skills necessary to further your education as a C# developer.

#csharp #fundamentals #development #programming #dotnet6 #dotnet7 #udemy #pauldsheriff