Technical Interviews

If you are trying to hiring a programmer or a SQL Server DBA, I can be of great assistance. I have a standardized process for hiring technical people that ensures you get the most qualified candidate for your position.

Why hire a Professional Technical Interviewer?

Instead of just throwing a bunch of questions at a candidate you gathered from the internet, my questions are based on over 35 years of development experience and hiring employees. I rank my questions to target junior, intermediate and senior-level developers so you can get the level of developer you require.

No offense intended toward HR people, but they just don't have the expertise to interview technical candidates. Even if they have answers to technical questions, they can't determine if that person might actually know the real answer, or if they are just taking a guess. I have been developing applications for over 35 years, and I can tell if someone knows some of the answer or just guessing. I can then rank that candidate appropriately based on their answer.

The following are the types of developers I can help you hire. In each box is a list of the technologies from which I will ask questions of your candidates.

Client-Side UI Developer

HTML/HTML 5, CSS/CSS 3, Bootstrap/

- Frequently combined with Client-Side Developer

Client-Side Developer

JavaScript, jQuery, JSON

- Frequently combined with Client-Side UI

SQL Server Developer

General Database Concepts, Structured Query Language (T-SQL), Stored Procedures, Views

SQL Server Database Administrator

DDL, DML, DCL, Triggers, System Functions, Database Maintenance, Replication, SQL Tools

- Always combined with SQL Server Developer

.NET Framework Web Developer

C# or VB, OOP, MVC, Web API, Entity Framework or ADO.NET

- Frequently combined with Client-Side UI and/or Client-Side Developer

.NET Core Web Developer

C#, OOP, MVC, Web API, Minimal Web API, Entity Framework or ADO.NET

- Frequently combined with Client-Side UI and/or Client-Side Developer

WPF Developer

.NET Framework or .NET Core, C# or VB, OOP, WPF/XAML, MVVM, Entity Framework or ADO.NET

- Frequently combined with SQL Server Developer

Other Interview Question Technologies

Angular/TypeScript, Microsoft Unit Test Framework, Windows Services, XML, JSON, Geolocation and Google Maps, PouchDB, IndexedDB

The picture below is an example of my complete list of interview technologies and the number of questions I have in each area. Your resulting interview will be specific for your needs and will contain how each candidate scores in each area and in each level.

Call for rates and to learn more about how the process works. I am more than happy to customize the interview questions to fit your unique situation.