Product Detail: PDSA .NET Productivity Framework v5.10

PDSA .NET Productivity Framework v5.10
The PDSA .NET Productivity Framework is a software product for development managers and application developers. It eliminates problems caused by insufficient specifications, coordinates the different styles of a developer team, and builds applications that easily adapt to future unforeseen changes. It reduces the need for more development staff, purchased code generators and excessive maintenance costs.

Tired of mixing and matching different (and sometimes incompatible) Frameworks such as CSLA, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, Enterprise Library, Iron Speed and/or Code Smith just to get your business applications out the door? You don't have to. Using the PDSA .NET Productivity Framework you get the best of all of these in ONE PACKAGE!

Our Product Is Unique
When asked who is our competition, we reply "No one." We know of no other product that has all features included in the PDSA Framework.

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