Product Detail: Haystack Code Generator for .NET *** TRIAL VERSION ***

Haystack Code Generator for .NET  *** TRIAL VERSION ***

Code Generation on Steroids!

The Haystack Code Generator for .NET allows developers to create Entity, Business and Data classes to perform all CRUD actions against a database engine such as SQL Server or Oracle. Haystack generates classes to call stored procedures, views, even XML files. In addition it generates Web Forms, MVC and WPF screens and much more!

Create Applications Quick!

When you generate code your applications will get done faster! You also eliminate a lot of testing that you have to do with hand written code.

Haystack is a template-driven code generator, meaning you can modify how the code is generated by customizing pre-defined templates and by creating your own templates. Haystack has many pre-defined templates and the template language syntax is very straight-forward so you can modify templates quickly and easily. Haystack is very easy to learn and use

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