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GeoCoding capabilities are now found in most business applications. Fairway Technologies has a rich experience in designing, building and/or integrating GeoCoding into many solutions. In particular, Fairway Technologies has built a GeoCode engine that uses specialized business rules, a geocode repository and multiple geocode search engines to produce high quality results.


Geocoding is the process of finding associated geographic coordinates (often expressed as latitude and longitude) from other geographic data, such as street addresses, or zip codes (postal codes).

Many companies have found geo-location or geo-targeting technology to be of value for many reasons: store locators, insurance companies, retail, appraisal companies needing to see where all the sales comparables are located relative to the subject property, target marketing, transportation routing, and the list is endless. Are you getting the most out of geocoding for your company?

Geocoding may sound easy but it has many complexities. Difficulties arise when distinguishing between ambiguous addresses such as 742 Evergreen Terrace and 742 W Evergreen Terrace or you are attempting to geocode new addresses for a street that is not yet added to the geographic information system database. Hence, it is important to use a company such as Fairway Technologies which has a rich experience in producing the highest hit rate possible based on your particular needs.

Fairway Technologies leveraged the object oriented software design pattern known as the provider model. The pattern itself is exceedingly simple and is given the name "provider" since it provides the functionality to a Geocode vendor, such as Google. The access to the functionality provided is also known as the application program interface or API. Defined, a provider is simply a contract between an API and the Business Logic/Data Abstraction Layer. The provider is the implementation of the API separate from the API itself. Each Geocode vendor, like Google, has an API to their engine. Fairway Technologies has created provider architecture so we can leverage multiple Geocode vendors through the provider architecture.

Fairway Technologies believes you should track your ‘success rate' of geocoding. What is the quality of your requests to your vendor's Geocode service? Are your success percentages going up? Down? How does the success of Google compare to another vendor? Fairway Technologies can help you answer those questions.


How close can you get to the lat/long you are seeking? For each address, can you limit the amount of incorrect addresses that can occur? When the mapping vendors (Google, etc.) cannot find an address you will need to attempt to find the closest approximation. Some levels of accuracy will be address level (bingo you got it), street level (the address you are seeking falls within the range of addresses for that street), city level, and zip code level. It is important that you understand the levels of accuracy for EACH mapping vendor and its implications for your application.

Fairway Technologies has designed and implemented several applications with Geocoding requirements:

  • Allergan's Botox site for "Find a Doctor"
  • An appraisal workflow application
  • An appraisal repository application
  • A transportation application
  • A provider model geocode engine web service application

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