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Fairway is your Continuing Education Systems expert. We have developed a variety of automated business functions to greatly streamline the underlying processes in the continuing education business. PDSA performs a rigorous reengineering process, develops the necessary systems design and architecture and lastly provides a fully automated implementation. PDSA has developed systems that perform the following functions.

In a simple 4 step enrollment process, students are quickly and efficiently enrolled. Projects (accounting elements, such as a class, certificate, etc.) are selected. Parking, discounts, and promotions can also be added. Then student is selected, the payment processed and the confirmation created.

Your students are the most valuable asset of your institution: your school is serving them. Your staff should be able to quickly see and interpret all information about your student (customer). Student “Profiles” is a collection of all the demographics/personal data that relates to the rider. The system allows for easily searching for any student by a variety of demographics.

The student profile information is a wide variety of information assets: name, address, business address, educational level and much more. Plus:

  • Payment plans
  • Collection notes
  • Invoices

This information is vital in providing the best service to your ridership.

Some of your best customers are large corporations or government institutions. You need a way to easily manage your customer information. A full featured customer search feature is included:

From its results form you can drill into the detailed customer information:

Additionally, each customer may have one or more:

  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Agreements
  • Purchase orders
  • Enrollment History
  • Invoices
  • Transactions
  • Statement
  • Collection History

Managing invoicing can be a time consuming endeavor. Make it easy!

  • View Original Invoice
  • Print Duplicate Invoice
  • View COllections
  • View Transaction Screen
  • View Purchase Orders
  • Create Dredit Memo or Debit Memo
  • View Enrollments
  • View Agreements

A project is the term used to represent an accounting object, such as a class (typically), a certificate or other charged item. This section allows the user to search for a project based on several criteria, review the results and either view the details, add it to the enrollment cart, or see additional information.

Discounts can be searched for and displayed. You can add or edit discounts with start dates, end dates, types (fixed, percentage, other) and they can be applied during the enrollment process.

Promotions are an integral part of your marketing strategy. Promotions can be searched for and displayed. You can define promotions start date, expiration date, code, descriptions, and complex scope. Promotions can be applied during the enrollment process.

Enrollment in term programs entitles students to attend classes without requiring the student to enroll in each course section separately. Term Placement enables the program administrator to place students enrolled in a program into class sections without additional financial transactions.

All A/R items are queued and available for review. Status can be changed (Pending review, researching, reviewed, approved, denied, complete) and / or updated based on the work performed.

Reports or forms can be easily created. PDSA utilizes Microsoft's Reporting Services report designer and viewer. We can create reports, forms, receipts, invoices or any output format you require.

The PDSA Application Framework that our modules were developed on includes over 100 security features to provide you with peace of mind. Our system is rock solid. In addition to authentication features, we have also included many authorization features. Please note, authentication means “can I have access to the system” and authorization means “what can I do or not do once I am in.” Our authorization capabilities are built around roles and permissions. A role is a collection of permissions and permissions allow or disallow a user from a feature.

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