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Fairway Technologies has provided high quality solutions for many industries. This section highlights key solutions in business sectors where Fairway Technologies has developed a rich suite of applications, modules and experience.

Fairway Technologies is your Transportation Systems expert. We have developed a variety of automated business functions to greatly streamline the underlying processes in the transportation business. Fairway Technologies performs a rigorous reengineering process, develops the necessary systems design and architecture and lastly provides a fully automated implementation. Fairway Technologies has developed systems that perform many functions.

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Our expertise in the Continuing Education business sector is second to none. The Continuing Education business model is significantly different from the traditional academic business model. Your students are really customers and some customers are actually business. Fairway Technologies has developed systems that perform a variety of business functions to support your demanding requirements.

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Healthcare is a growing and significant business sector that Fairway Technologies has been helping customers for years. Fairway Technologies has provided consulting and solutions for such healthcare areas as claims, hospitals, managed care, clinical, and medical products.

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The ability to mine and leverage the vast amount of information in property appraisals is a critical business advantage. There are many appraisal software applications that capture the data entered by appraisers nationwide. Each vendor defines and stores data differently and with a wide variety of data quality. PDSA's technology has created an appraisal import, data transformation, and data persistence approach to construct an appraisal data repository. The repository can now be used to produce a vast amount of business intelligence reports.

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Today more so than ever, the valuation business sector is hot. Fairway Technologies has designed and built technologies to automate the workflow between lending institutions, the valuation organization and the brokers/appraisers who perform the valuation data capture. What is critical is reducing the span time, reducing the operational costs, improving valuation quality and increasing revenue. Fairway Technologies has successfully increased value for its customers.

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GeoCoding capabilities are now found in most business applications. Fairway Technologies has a rich experience is designing, building and/or integrating GeoCoding into many solutions. In particular Fairway Technologies has built a GeoCode engine that uses specialized business rules, a geocode repository and multiple geocode search engines to produce high quality results.

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