Expert Witness Service

Software Development Expertise

Are you looking for an expert witness in the area of computer programming? Have you had an application that you feel was not created according to specifications or does not meet your needs? If you are seeking to have an expert review your application in the following areas, please contact Fairway at or call 858-454-4471.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework Development
  • Microsoft ASP.NET development projects
  • Microsoft ASP (VBScript) development projects
  • Microsoft Architecture Compliance
  • Microsoft C#
  • Microsoft VB.NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft .NET Security
  • Project Specifications Review
  • .NET Application Performance
  • General Code Review (VB6, VB.NET and C# only)
  • Programming Standards Compliance

Paul D. Sheriff

Paul is considered one of the top architecture and programming consultants in the nation and has a list of exceptional credentials that are second to none. In fact, just perform a search on Google or Yahoo on "Paul D. Sheriff" to see how many web sites reference his name. In addition, Paul is a top-notch businessman. Most in his field consider him a very savvy entrepreneur that understands what it takes to keep a consulting company running in today's fast-paced world.

Paul has acquired his architecture, programming and consulting knowledge from strict adherence to structured programming practices and over 30 years of experience. He has successfully designed and implemented over two hundred large and complex software projects. Companies like TransAmerica, American Express, Paramount Pictures, AAA, Universal Studios, Deutsche Bank, and Kawasaki Motors have utilized Paul's skills to bring their products to market in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Paul is a powerhouse of information and has literally written the book on programming and programming standards. As an advisor and consultant to some of the industries most recognized corporations, Paul has taken this knowledge and published it in hundreds of articles, commentaries, nine books, and over 90 training videos. All this material has been circulated in print, and on the Internet, to thousands of companies all over the world.

In 1991, Paul created Paul D. Sheriff & Associates, Inc. (PDSA, Inc.). Since then, Paul has grown this company into one of the top architecture, client/server and Internet consulting firms in Southern California. His success comes from sorting out and hiring only the industries' top programmers that can produce under his strict processes and procedures. These procedures are what has guided his company to the top. His work product has proven that Paul has built a solid foundation from which to create products and services that are exemplary in both quality and design.

Paul is also a very dynamic speaker. His teaching talents have been recognized and sought after by Microsoft Corporation for their various conferences including Tech Ed, Developer Days, and MSDN Presents. He is a frequent speaker at many other conferences such as VS Live, DevConnections, and Advisor Media. Paul is one of the original INETA speakers and is sent to user groups all over the country to train hundreds of programmers each year., the worlds largest computer based training company, used Paul for their "Expert Seminar" series on the Internet, and Paul was consistently ranked one of the top presenters. Microsoft Corporation recognized Paul's talent and nominated him to the position of "Microsoft Regional Director for Southern California" in 2001.

Educated at Long Beach State University with a degree in MIS (Management Information Systems). Paul has expanded upon this degree with additional specialized courses at local universities and at conferences around the world. Paul applies this business knowledge and programming talent to help other companies get their products done "right".

Expert Witness Fees

Consulting per hour rate - $300/hour

This includes preparing Reports, research software specs and code, and depositions.

Flat rate per day for trial - $2,000 / day or portion thereof

Travel expenses are additional