The PDSA IT Outsourcing Process

Over the last 25 years we have perfected a system to ensure you get the software you need on-time and on-budget. Our engagement process is as follows:

Phase I: Specification and Prototype

We work with you and your team to develop a specification document sufficient for us to develop a prototype. We mock up the web screens or Visual Basic forms with minimal navigation. There is no code or database under the covers. The prototype is to validate the written specification and facilitate additional dialog to route out any missed requirements. The prototype is used during Phase II to develop the actual application.

The deliverables of Phase I are:

  • Specification Document
  • Prototype
  • Estimate of Phase II

Phase II: Application Development

Phase II is the application development portion (software development). We use an estimating model based on previous project actuals to estimate the effort. All time is tracked by PDSA's eTimeTrakā„¢, a web-based, time tracking system. It includes date, time, task, consultant's name, and task description. Your bimonthly invoices will include this detail for your review and will be available on the web.

All development by our staff follows the PDSA methodology: standard-naming conventions (VB and SQLServer) program construction, and architecture. If your business is located across the country or across the globe, working over long distances is made simple and cost effective. We use MS Terminal Server. Terminal Server will host your application here at PDSA for each incremental release until completion and delivery to your site. In this way any PC in the world with Internet access and authority can use, test, or validate the application easily. During development, you may receive incremental releases of source code, as is jointly determined necessary. Note: the logistics of incremental release (labor hours) can affect a project's budget and schedule. The use of NetMeeting and Terminal Server are very efficient mechanisms to reduce the span-time of development and save you money. Working over long distances is made much easier. We use NetMeeting. NetMeeting can be used to show you our prototype real-time without you or your client worrying about any installation issues.

The deliverables of Phase II are:

  • Development application based on Phase I specification and prototype
  • Delivery of all source code
  • Reuse all the screens developed in Phase I
  • Perform QA based on a written test plan
  • Develop help subsystem using HTML if required
  • Build a software installation CD
  • Provide software documentation
  • Provide on-site implementation support as needed
  • Partner with you to install software and ensure it is working properly
  • Partner with you to roll out application if required
  • Partner with you to help you run in parallel with legacy applications if required

Phase III: Customer Buy-Off and Warranty

After installation at your site, the application is tested by you and signed off. Only after you are satisfied with your testing does the warranty period begin. Any bugs found are corrected by PDSA at NO CHARGE. Our warranty period lasts for 60 days after customer sign off. Any additional requirements requested are completed on a time and material basis.

If you require ongoing or remote maintenance, we can accommodate that with a PDSA Maintenance Service Level Agreement (SLA). Remote or client site installations are available as well.

The deliverables of Phase III are:

  • Customer completes testing the application
  • Customer signs off on the application
  • Warranty period beings
  • Maintenance Server Level Agreement begins (Optional)

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