IT Consulting

Since 2002 Fairway Technologies, Inc. has been providing businesses in Irvine and Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties with unrivaled IT Consulting Services. These services include:

Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO services provide your company with a senior executive who serves as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and IT advisor to your business. Our advisors possess a technical background and are familiar with a wide range of IT platforms and technologies. Whether you need day-to-day management of your information technology, or assistance with IT planning, we have interim and on-going CIO services to help your company operate more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever. Read More

Virtual CTO

Our Virtual CTO services bring in a technology expert to function as part of your management team. This gives small and medium-size companies the ability to have a technology expert available at all times at an affordable cost. Our Virtual CTO brings over 25 years of experience to help make sure your architects and developers are benefitting from the most up-to-date technology. Count on our interim and ongoing Virtual CTO to assist with Software Architecture, Application Reviews, Architecture and Developer Mentoring. Read More


The pace of technological progress is breathtaking. One side effect of the constant advance of technology is the fact that your software applications will inevitably be out of date — and sooner rather than later. Migration is one solution to the continual need to upgrade.

Take Microsoft as an example: they seemingly change their OS every year or two. Plus, they stop offering support for old technologies such as VB6 and FoxPro. You can get ahead of the game by upgrading and migrating to the latest cutting-edge technology. Read More

Reviews and Audits

Improving your business processes can reap substantial benefits, particularly in improved productivity. That’s why PDSA Services has developed a method for conducting thorough and intensive reviews and audits, designed to give you the assurance you are doing everything possible to meet your business goals.

Our reviews and audits focus on the performance, security and human resource requirements for your organization. Plus, they take into account HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI business compliance risks. Read More

IT Mentoring

Developers can make huge strides in performance when they receive the mentoring they need. That translates into improved productivity and improvement in your business’ bottom line. Every developer needs help occasionally, with anything from fixing a simple bug to learning a new technology. Our goal is to work as a team with your developers, providing the expertise to enhance their knowledge and experience. Read More

IT Strategic Planning

At the core of our IT Strategic planning services is a focus on best practices and thorough documentation with the goal of helping you create a first-rate, highly efficient IT organization. We work with your CxOs and IT leaders to develop a comprehensive and executable strategic and tactical IT plan. Read More

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