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Fairway is your #1 source for professional IT Services in Orange County, CA. Fairway develops custom business applications specializing in web and mobile technologies on multiple platforms. Fairway has been providing business software solutions to companies like yours for over 25 years.

Enable Mobile Devices For My Business

My Software Is Out Of Date

I Need Professional CIO/CTO Help

IT Audits/Reviews

Software Package Integration

Is My Website and Data Secure?

I Want My Excel To Be A Web App

Customize Your Sitefinity Installation

We solve these business problems among many others, to help you cut costs, and increase revenue. Contact us to today so we can help you with your IT Outsourcing needs.. Email us at psheriff@fairwaytech.com. Or call us at 858-454-4471.

We Have the Solution

PDSA's expert IT services help you solve the following problems:

  • Outsource your Application Development to a trusted partner
  • Translate "tech-speak" to your business stakeholders
  • Assess your current IT architecture and provide recommendations
  • Create a set of concrete, achievable steps to align IT with your business goals
  • Perform an audit of vendor spending and provide you with a value statement
  • Create a mobile solution for your business
  • Migrate your business to the newest technology
  • Plan, manage and implement your IT projects

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