Without the Right Skills Your Software Projects Can Suffer

The Fairway Skills Assessment Review identifies areas where your developers could use some additional training. Hiring, retaining and educating your employees is a fact if you want to keep your best people, hire even better people, and get training for those lacking the skills you require in your business. Our skills assessment review helps you identify which employees are suited for which jobs. For each employee, we detail:

  • Findings: Are your employees who you need to take your company into the future?
  • Reasons: What are the skills that are lacking?
  • Recommendations: We outline a plan for improving skills
  • Remediation: For an additional fee, Fairway can help you implement each of the recommendations.
  • Here is a very small sample of our checklist:
    • .NET Skills
    • Project Management Skills
    • Database Skills
    • Requirements Gathering
    • Inter-Personal Skills
    • Organization Skills

Are your developers holding your development back?

Our Skills Assessment Review is an interview with each of your developers to gauge each one’s effectiveness in the role in which they are currently placed. We outline each role you need in your shop and where each of your people should be placed.

.NET Technical Skills

Having the right .NET technical skills is critical for a developer today. Our assessment test will give you an idea on where each employee stacks up to the industry standard.

Database Skills

Every developer needs to be able to work with a database. Developers should know how to performance tune their SQL queries, and create basic stored procedures. Our assessment will determine their skills in these areas.

Project Management Skills

Identifying key requirements and developing project estimates are two fundamental skills each IT employee should have. We help you identify those employees that need more guidance in these areas.

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