Do You Know the 59 Areas That Most Affect Your Applications Performance?

Fairway has a checklist of over 59 of the most common performance-robbing code in applications. We help you find these areas and give you recommendations for fixing each and every one. After our performance review we present back to you:

  • Findings: The bottlenecks found in your application
  • Reasons: The reason why an item steals performance from your application
  • Recommendations: Our recommendations describing what should be done to improve or correct your application
  • Remediation: For an additional fee, Fairway can help you implement each of the recommendations.
  • Here is a very small sample of our checklist:
    • Correct Use of Variables
    • SQL Usage
    • Garbage Collection Usage
    • Collection Usage
    • Web Application Performance
    • ADO.NET/Entity Framework
    • And over 50 more items!

Application Performance Directly Affects Your Business

If your application runs slow then your users are unhappy. If users are unhappy, this can cause unhappy customers and directly affect your bottom line. There are many reasons for performance bottlenecks. We have time-tested procedures to help you find these bottlenecks and resolve them.

SQL Usage

We identify and find areas in your application where SQL may have been used inappropriately, or should have been used instead of code.

ADO.NET/WCF Services/Entity Framework

There are many ways to use ADO.NET, WCF Services, Entity Framework and other data access technologies. Choosing the most efficient method can greatly speed up your application. Our experts will point out where improvement is needed in those areas.

Streamlining Method Calls

The correct use of methods in classes is vital for performance in your applications. Sometimes, just a little re-factoring of code can create a well-performing application.

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