Improve Your Organizational Efficiencies and Productivity

Fairway offers a specialized service to improve your MIS/IT organization efficiencies. The Fairway Organizational Assessment focuses on key areas to understand and extract key information needed for the assessment.

Organizational Assessment

We conduct extensive interviews of select personnel and discuss your business challenges and issues in the following categories:

  • Work Intake
  • Project Development and Implementation
  • Transitioning from Project to Product/Service
  • Operations
  • Resources and People
  • Organization Structure
  • Customer Service
  • Processes for Application Lifecycle Management


The outcome of these interviews are collected and organized to fully understand and document the following:

  • As-Is – how the organization functions today
  • Future state – how the organization will function in the future
  • Road map – the implementation steps, plans and schedule to accomplish the migration to the future state

Action Plan

Fairway identifies areas of improvement based on findings gathered from the interviews and the As-Is representation of the organization. For each finding, Fairway provides the Reasons, Recommendations, and Remediation.

  • Findings: Itemization of significant findings. A finding is an area of noteworthy concern that should be addressed and improved.
  • Reasons: The reason why each item is a concern or could be a risk to the business if not addressed.
  • Recommendations: What to do to solve the finding and /or recommended approach to resolve or partially mitigate the finding.
  • Remediation: A list of one or more remediation (steps), schedule and proposed solutions to ensure a smooth transition.

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