Does Your Software Architecture Meet the 35-Point Test?

We have identified over 35 check-points to ensure your IT's Software Architecture supports your application development both today and in the future. Our architecture checklist is designed to find those areas of your architecture that may be a bottleneck in developing your applications. We also look at your standards, processes and procedures for developing applications. We present a report to you with the following:

  • Findings: How your architecture can cause development bottlenecks
  • Reasons: Reasons why each item is important to the health of your IT organization
  • Recommendations: Our recommendations describing what should be done to improve your architecture
  • Remediation: For an additional fee, Fairway can help you implement each of the recommendations.
  • Here is a very small sample of our checklist:
    • Standards for Development
    • Caching
    • Use of N-Tier Architecture
    • Library Usage
    • Code Generator Usage
    • Framework Usage
    • And over 30 more items!

Empower your developers with an effective Architecture

A well-thought out architecture will make sure everyone in your organization has the right tools to support your business needs. Developers that have a software architecture in place are more productive and can create software with less bugs.

Standards & Processes for Development

We look at your existing standards and processes to determine if they are being followed in your organization. We can guide you to create, and manage, the right standards and processes.

Software Architecture

A good software architecture will assist you in creating re-usable, flexible and maintainable applications.

Library & Framework Usage

Having a reusable library of classes and a good framework in place will shorten your development cycle. We review your library and framework to ensure that they are being utilized correctly.

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