Application Lifecycle Management Review

The ALM Review helps you identify the best IT practices to ensure business success. Application Lifecycle Management includes project management, hiring of developers, standards for development, testing, QA procedures and much more.

  • Findings: Is your ALM up-to-date and do your people follow the processes
  • Reasons: The reasons why your ALM processes might not be being followed
  • Recommendations: Suggestions to improve your ALM
  • Remediation: For an additional fee, Fairway can help you implement each of the recommendations.
  • Here is a very small sample of our checklist:
    • Labor Skills
    • Roles & Resposibilities
    • Project Management Practices
    • Design Review Practices
    • Project Status Controls
    • Test Plan Guide

A good ALM ensures on-time and on-budget delivery of projects

Every IT shop needs to have an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process in place. If you are not sure if you have one, or not sure if yours covers everything, Fairway will find out. You will soon discover if your ALM matches to industry standard guidelines and if your people are actually following the processes.

Project Management Practices

Ensure your project managers know how to start, manage, and guide a software project from beginning to end. Ensure each of your PM’s are performing these processes consistently.

Project Status Controls

Do you know where your project is in its lifecycle? Besides estimating guidelines, reporting tools are needed for developers to track where they are on a task. Are you keeping track of developer’s time per task?

Design Review Practices

Performing a review of your software development process is vital to success. You need not only code reviews, but architecture and framework reviews too.

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