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I am happy to write a glowing review about PDSA. We initially found PDSA through the very helpful training materials that Paul Sheriff has been putting out for over a decade now. In truth, we owe the existence of our software product to the fast-start knowledge gained through PDSA’s training materials. Because of this, when we needed to look outside our internal programming resources we concluded "who better to go to than the team we learned from?" Our initial project in 2009 with PDSA was done on time, but seemed expensive. Therefore we decided to try other avenues. To date, we have been through 3 independent "consultant/programmers" and one large Indian company. We have constantly come up short and disappointed. Projects were delivered late and almost always wrong in concept if not in actual coding. When I had the chance to re-engage PDSA (due to new management in our company), I jumped at it. I gave PDSA a small project as a proof-of-concept for my team. PDSA completed the project EARLY and WITHIN budget. The team at PDSA have been nothing but courteous and prompt in their attention to any requests I had. They were not put off when I stressed to them that this project had to be done within budgetary and time constraints. They delivered better than promised. I am looking forward to continuing working with PDSA! In summary, we learned the hard way that you get what you pay for and with PDSA what we paid for was more than worth it!
Scott E. Strand
Great Circle Systems, Inc.
PDSA has been a valuable partner as our company migrates business applications from legacy systems into newer technologies. We have engaged their services for a variety of needs including consulting, training, mentoring, project management and application design/development. We've seen repeatedly how the high quality of the PDSA processes, procedures and standards during the software development lifecycle enables us deliver the desired result to the business.
Eric Skarsten
Manager of Development
Kawasaki Motors Corporation
PDSA has been a great vendor. Your team is easy to work with, professional, knowledgeable, highly collaborative, and we look forward to working with you for years to come. The entire management team here thinks the world of PDSA’s team, and the projects we have worked on over the years have come in on-time and within budget.
Tim Scherf
Chief Operating Officer
PCV/Murcor Real Estate Services
PDSA has enabled us to integrate a wide variety of critical data and processes and have it all available through a single portal. This ultimately translates to better service for our customers.
Gord Treasure
IT Project Manager
Cameco Corporation
PDSA migrated our legacy sales support system to .NET. They partnered with us and made the transition very easy…
Howard Jenson
IT Systems Manager
Bourns, Inc.
I wanted to drop you a short note to express my complete satisfaction with PDSA. Since our initial meeting, you and your group have been extremely receptive to our needs. Your team's knowledge and suggestions have helped make this project more effective for our membership than we could have possible hoped for. On top of this, you have stayed within our budget and hit all our deadlines. I can't thank you enough or your involvement and look forward to expanding our work together in the years ahead...
J. Greg Perry
American Drum Line Association
PDSA has enabled us to integrate a wide variety of critical data and processes and have it all available through a single portal. This ultimately translates to better service for our customers.
F Scott Jewell
Director, Administration & Information Technology
Access Services Inc.

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