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We have the best professionals on staff here at Fairway.

Paul D. Sheriff

Business Solution Architect

Paul is Business Solution Architect for Fairway technologies, Inc. Fairway develops custom business applications specializing in web and mobile technologies. To help companies align their IT with their business goals Fairway provides Virtual CIO and CTO services. Fairway has provided customers with high quality custom software, CIO, CTO and architectural services since 2002.

Paul has been a leader in the IT industry for over 30 years. Paul started his career at McDonnell Douglas in the late 80's during which time he learned expert project management and the value of quality software. Moving on from there to a hotel software company in Munich Germany allowed Paul to see the value of creating vertical market software with an international flair. In both of these companies Paul quickly proved himself and was promoted on a schedule far in advance of his peers.

In 1990 Paul had a vision to create a software consulting company that would work with clients to develop their systems that aligned with their business instead of just having to accept inferior off-the-shelf software. In 1991 PDSA was established and Paul has managed the growth of this top-notch software consulting company to the business that it is today. Paul attracted the best talent to work with him in an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and a team environment. In February 2017, Paul merged PDSA with Fairway Technologies, Inc.

Paul provides leadership to the IT industry through speaking, writing and video training. In 2004 Paul became one of only 120 Microsoft Regional Directors around the world. His first year he was awarded RD of the year. Paul is a top-rated speaker at user groups and conferences all over the world and has presented over 450 seminars. He has appeared on over 150 video training and industry interviews over the last 25+ years. Paul has published over 300 articles in dozens of magazines and over 14 books.

Paul is a devoted father to his 17 year old daughter. They spend many hours together roller-skating, riding a Can Am trike, watching movies and, of course, doing homework. Paul also loves to bicycle, hike, read and country dance. He also mentors young entrepreneurs and guides them on their own roads to success.

Paul D. Sheriff

Michael D. Krasowski

Vice President

Michael is a General Manager at Fairway Technologies, Inc. and brings over 35 years of Information Technology experience to bear at his position. Prior to joining the Fairway team, Michael was the Director of Information Technology at the Long Beach division of Boeing. He was responsible for all aspects of computing – strategic planning, architecture, application lifecycle, asset management, and outsource management – where he managed a budget of over $90 million dollars and 140+ people.

Michael's responsibilities at Fairway are to manage all projects and personnel while ensuring quality services are delivered on time and on budget to our valued clients. He has been instrumental in defining and executing a solid internal business and engineering process to ensure quality services.

Michael also has been an instructor at UCLA and University of California, Irvine's extension program. Michael has been a speaker at industry conferences, such as Advisor's Conference, DevConnections, Code Camp and Informant Conferences specializing in best practices of project management, requirements gathering and estimating projects.

Michael holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and a Master's Degree in Computer Science from UCLA, and has published several articles on project management, database management, SQL Server and Visual Basic.

Fairway Technologies, Inc. is your resource for custom software development, architecture, and application development services as well as on-site training in Microsoft .NET, C#, Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone, HTML 5, SQL Server, Reporting Services, eCommerce, web development, project management, Agile ALM, and Internet/Intranet applications.

Michael D. Krasowski

John A. Kuhn

Senior Project Manager

John Kuhn is a Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager at Fairway Technologies, Inc., where he works with a diverse portfolio of clients to develop solutions for e-commerce, content management, data migration, business intelligence and business process automation. He has more than twenty years of experience as a developer, working in bio-technology, healthcare and consulting, with experience in project management, software design & architecture, enterprise application integration and business intelligence.

John is the author of Developer's Guide to SQL Reporting Services 2008 and has presented talks on .NET at DevIntersection and DevConnections conferences, as well as user groups and code camp events in Southern California. He has been developing business and reporting solutions on Microsoft platforms since 1992, including SQL Server, C#, Visual Basic and .NET. He started working with early releases of .NET and Visual Studio 2002, and with Reporting Services beginning with Reporting Services 2000.

He has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a certificate in Information Technology Management from University of California, Irvine Extension, and is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer for .NET. In his spare time, he works on a never-ending list of projects for his home near Los Angeles, California.

Michael D. Krasowski